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The New Biters Group

So I started rping Biters with another group of friends. And so far they really like it. I am definitely looking forward to playing with them more often.My first group is having so difficulty scheduling a time since we are all so busy, but we’ll make it work. I am still working on the Biters book which is only a pdf at this point but it will blossom into something i’m sure of it. Even if I don’t get a deal with I can release it as a downloadable pdf that you pay for online. There won’t be any middle men for me to deal with and I could express myself much more creatively than a lot of companies would allow. We’ll see how the next couple of months take me. Still excited and hopeful.


So I ended up tweeting Wizards and it was the first time I tweeted anything. In response they said that all they had was notes about publishing on there site and sent the link. The itself lead me to an information post about how to publish campaigns for there company. In a way it was insightful but wish they could giving me a really good idea of what publishing a new book is like, but i’m not upset about it just another bump in the long road. If anyone out there works in publishing or has had work published what sort of advise could you really aid me in this endeavor?



I usually don’t do text posts on this page but this is huge for me. I just sent an email to Wizards of the Coast(the company that publishes dnd books and created Magic the Gathering ect.) and asked them advice about publishing my own rp book. Fingers crossed that they get back to me soon.


actually more like…image

I swear i’ll be checking my email every two minutes until I get a response.

The Study Of Couch Hopping Sociology

So for about a month now I have been couch hopping from one friends house to the other. I had to move because rent became too much to handle. I am not homeless though. I live with my auntie and cousin(her daughter) but she doesn’t do well with people(my auntie)… meaning she can be a bitch, so I avoid her by only going to shower and pick up close when she is at work. Don’t get me wrong she’s family and I love her, but I can’t stand her at the same time. This life thing never uncomplicates itself, but whatever. I am hopeful for the future. :)

Natural Hair

For awhile now I have wanted to go all natural with my hair, but was reluctant for a while, but for almost a year I have cut back on straightening and relaxing my hair. I know not many african american men relax there hair or straighten it, but for me (at least for awhile) it was easier. Also many wear their hair short which was never a look I quite like on myself. I have have been looking into haircare techniques and recipes that use all natural ingredients that you can buy or make at home and I am ready to really take this to the next level. Allons-y!

Media, Representation and Diversity

So for POC it’s not a revelation when I say the media needs more diversity. And caucasians are usually blind to this fact for obvious reasons. Not to insult anyone, but so many times when I have said that I wish there were more black people in sci-fi and fantasy books, movies and television shows to cosplay as most reactions are

"There are plenty. Why can’t you cosplay as one of them."

Then I respond with “really? Name ten.”

Afro Samurai, Cyborg, Green Lantern(John Stewart), Static Shock, Spyke(X-Men Evolutions), Kaname Tosen

Without fail people will name more than one on that list, and some of the characters they name aren’t even black they’re just darker skinned; maybe Indian or Middle Eastern. And most of the characters they name I don’t like or I don’t look/ have the capacity to look anything like them. Meaning I am not built like them. I am slim 5”6 guy. I can pull off Spyke and Static and maybe Kaname, but that’s it. And non-animated characters hahaha forget it. The argument isn’t that there are no POC in mainstream media the argument is that there are not enough. In a world chalked full of so many different ethnicities  why is it that most characters are caucasians. Like Disney Princesses for example. There are nine caucasian and four that are other ethnicities and out of that four only one of them is actually a princess and that is Jasmine, but so many people will rush in and say what are you complaining for you have a princess, “A” being the operative word and “Princess” being in air quotes. Another thing I find appalling is when a character is written as a person of color, but is replaced or plaid by a caucasian. This bothers me because firstly it happens so often and secondly no one says anything about that kind of circumstance, but when it’s reversed it becomes an outrage.

Examples: Lavander Brown, Tiger Lily, Tonto(The Lone Ranger), Dastan, Eben Oleson, Cleopatra, Reuben St. Clair better known as Eugene Simonet (Pay It Forward), Ayane, Tony and Tia aka Sara and Seth(Race To Witch Mt.), Rayden, and Al Simmons

I could go on. It’s pretty astounding. For those who don’t know this is a form of white-washing. When The tables are reversed It becomes somehow worse though. Like How? There are far less POC represented in the media and far less characters whose ethnicity has been changed to a POC and all of them are fictional.

Examples: Annie, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Electro, Johnny Storm, Dr. Robert Neville and Marley Neville, Heimdall, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins)

 I have been reading more about this ever since Movie Nick Fury and Ultimate Spider-man came along. It is something I have been talking about for years though. There is concrete proof, but people still turn the other cheek most of the time as long as the characters are changed from a POC or if the character is an unimportant character. About 75% of characters in top grossing films from 2007-2012 were caucasian. Do you get it now? That number is massive!! Where is everyone else in the world? Seriously. Media sometimes reminds me of nazi germany. Everyone is brainwashed into racism and whitewashing. Like most of the time in mainstream media I feel they add a POC because they want no have to fill a quota or something. I would honestly like to see more Native Americans and Indians in things. I can only think of Twilight, Heroes and the twins from Harry Potter……Beside Slumdog Millionaire.

Okay this kind of turned into a rant, it wasn’t intended that way, but this is something I am passionate about and something more people should pay attention to.

To summarize my point. More people of color are needed in media and not just to play criminals or the impoverished. They need to be main characters that don’t feed into racist stereotypes like the asian assassin, or the sassy black girl. 


Just to be clear I am not a smoker. Well that is I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I do partake in the smoking of hookah. Lately I have been smoking hookah way too much and today I hit it so hard I thought I had instant cancer, like no joke. I also dropped it and burned a huge hole in my friends house and I feel really bad. Sometimes when I smoke I get really gassy, does that happen to anyone else?……Wait who am l even asking?!? To wrap things up I really need to cut back…..a lot.


So the last month or so i’ve been in the process of moving. I met this really nice gay couple who was looking for someone to move in and we got along really well. They said that I have a really chance of moving in but today they said they would pass so I am really bummed. I was really looking forward to moving in; I was prepared. It just really sucks.

I Need To Bump It Up

So This blog is one, barren and two, just sad. I need to stop complaining so much. So here’s to a new blog start. 

Oh I have a new job……I don’t, but maybe if I keep lying to you and myself it’ll just kinda happen. Pretty much all that is going on in my life is me figuring out where I may end up living in a month to a year, writing for my rp and drawing here and there…oh and of course tumblr; my other tumblr that is. Yea, pretty uneventful. I am trying to figure how to run a publishing company because that is something I want to pursue in the near future, planning for the maybe webseries I want to do and releasing a game book of the current rp I wrote. Well the thing is I don’t feel stuck anymore. I feel calm and open. I feel like something amazing is going to happen and honestly I can’t freaking wait.  

I Did It!!

I finished typing out all of the info my players will need for our zombie rp. Best!! So excited to play. Now I need to finish making the character sheet. That’ll take like 20 years.

^^And Here is a screenshot^^

The Tested Decisions

The one thing that all people know is that life is difficult. When you get to a certain age it becomes even more difficult. Aside from loosing my job and being told I can’t come back to school until the summer my life hasn’t been the roughest thing as of late. The one thing though is that I am now face to face with some of the most difficult aspects of life- insecurities, realizations and decisions. The one thing about being in a slump is that you are faced with the harsh reality of yourself and there is no escaping who you are. You’ll have insecurities, fears and troubles. That is just apart of life, but you don’t have to feed into them. Over coming these things is hard, and terrifying. But we all have to man-up and take the power we need to make change. Taking power and making success out of that doesn’t mean we are or will be absolved of our past or our problems but it does mean that you’ve decided to not let that hold you back. Anyway in my life right now I am faced with many decisions and I am having a hard time choosing which path to take. Should I go to Virginia, should start my own web series, should I work on starting up my own publishing company, Design tattoos, or do this webcomic thing? Where should I move, who should I move in with? It is neverending, and I am just so confused. Maybe I need to just really talk it out with someone. Sometimes when you say something aloud you realize what it actually sounds like and that helps you make your decision, sometimes other peoples indecisiveness forces you to make a decision. I just want to be happy. I just don’t know what would be the best for me right now and still make me happy. 

It All Gets Fucked

I found out that my college put me on academic suspension. I have yet to find out why being that my grade point average is above requirement and that I am on track with most my classes. Long story short I don’t think I will be attending classes this semester but I will not let it get me down. After all this gives me time to write and read and work a hell of a lot-after I find a new job- so that I may move out soon. Of course I felt like crap at first and I was super shocked and even though I felt like throwing in the towel and moving to Virgina with my best friend I decided that I wouldn’t let this go without a fight. I know life can sometimes really feel like nothing but a downward spiral like one thing after another goes wrong and no matter how much better it gets sometimes you always have a looming feeling that something shitty is about to happen, but life is never just down. In this life we fuck up, things go wrong, things happen. A lot of times it’s out of our control, but we always have opportunities to pick back up the pieces. Sure some pieces will get left behind, but that is the point; that’s life. Life is change and change means the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Don’t let the end of something stop you, let something new spring from the pieces that were left behind. We are flawed, life is flawed and that is what makes it beautiful. Just remember if you’re going through hell, keep going.

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